quinta-feira, 6 de maio de 2010

The doom of equality

Might there be any other goal as tainted by "failure" as equality?

To search for equality, you must bring yourself to control that which you cannot, restrain any liberty to achieve anything other, cripple everything in an most absurd manner... and even so, you would have only managed to spread disgrace!

An equalitarian society inevitably brings out the worst of social characteristics... It is linked with envy, for one who is thought as equal, is one to whom we can relate, and so, one whom we may envy!

If not for his circumstances, for his character, for his looks, for whatever the reason... There will be plenty to spare...

The truth is, we aren't born equal! We don't have the same "blood"! We don't have the same abilities and "innate qualities"!

It is our differences that make us grand! It is the sum of our experiences that make us human! And the closest to equality you will get is through the relationship between problems of humanity!

It is only in death that we find true equality!

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