terça-feira, 25 de maio de 2010

Divine Inspiration - Comedy Sitting Down...

I had a vision about 6 minutes ago... I was to become a stand up comedian... But 'd be paralyzed then...

So there I was at some bar, starting my very first show... Oddly enough, it was full of people... And my friends don't really get my jokes, so none of them was there!

So I start my show with the following statement - God!

I think there is a really awkward relationship between God and the Pope... You really have to believe that either God doesn't like the Pope, and wants him as far away from heaven as possible - prolonging his life - or he really doesn't like us other tossers!

Could there be any other interpretation, sure, but it wouldn't be as fun or depressing...

Besides, improbable things must be true... At least some of them.... I mean, there must really be a God, mustn't there? I mean... really must!

If you told anyone about ancient [greek] mythology, some giant called Atlas holding the world in place, they wold probably make fun of our ancestors for being such fools... ahnahm - anham xD

So now I look around... What do I find: amused or shocked faces?