quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010

Mark Rowland

Professor de filosofia na Universidade de Miami
Autor conceituado do livro "O Filósofo e o Lobo"
& blogger (como qualquer curioso poderá constatar em) rowlands.philospot.com

No entanto devo dizer que estou algo menos do que impressionado com as abordagens do "senhor professor" ou o "senhor voga" da filosofia...

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2 comentários:

  1. I have apparently been blocked from Mark's blog... After forcing a not so cordial response to which I could then point numerous faults...
    Marks comment to me goes as follows:
    Diogo, how delightful to hear from you again. Who knows? Apelike self-interest? Wolfish loyalty to pack? Or maybe I just thought Steve gave an extraordinarily good lecture, and that in this idea of how behavioral lags behind cognitive, he might be really on to some thing very important? Who knows what my motives are, eh Diogo? But I'd be very surprised if you had any special insight on them.
    Re. your second email, I seem to detect a note of sarcasm, but apart from that I really can't decipher what you're talking about. Is it the meaning of life thing again? I've already told you on several occasions: I'm not talking about that.

  2. Since I was unable to answer in congruent manner, I am force to leave my answer here:

    1) Motives are the subjective feelings that one might not even be aware of himself... So, the remark/question you should have put would not have been regarding motives, but intentions... Intentions are premeditated actions; actions, are motivated by the subjective feelings previously stated - or motivators!
    2) Your personal opinion should not be exposed with the intent to influence this competition - Best Lecturer of 2010: Ontario Province... I suppose this competition takes more than one lecture into consideration, and the thirty and so minutes we have access to would give us a distorted view of Steve's consistency, if nothing else, as a lecturer... As such, my argument will tend to Baudrillard's simulacra and simulation: where reality exists only as rotting shreds that are attached to the map (...) and cling only as vestiges... If a more accurate "analysis" is desired, that analysis will forcefully have to derive to past and present student opinions!
    3) Steve personally states his admiration regarding Marks work and person! Picking up from the videos theme and, I quote, "this idea that behavioral lags behind cognitive", both Mark and Steve, would somewhat be under a potential check from their own criticism... In Steve's case, he might have fallen under the error to follow/model the perspective of someone he admires; Mark's case is a bit different, he has been recently in the spotlight of the philosophical world... He has his ever happy followers who praise him... So, judging by the pattern of both his posts and comments (those to whom he pays most attention), he has become somewhat ordinary, accustomed to a blind praise, lagging behind his own critical thought! Maybe, this will prove worthy of some reflection in the future...
    4) I did make an animal analogy first, which are vastly stated throughout Marks book, "The Philosopher and the Wolf", but don't you think its about time to lose the ape or wolf analogies? I could never comment on Marks "loyalty to the pack", although, in reference to the his (same) book, a lot of things happened in his life, when beer was present! And in reference to the "behavioral pattern", previously mentioned, his "apelike self-interest" is quite uncanny!
    5) I am quite sure I made one other point, but I'll end with the following: I too am quite good at spotting sarcasm, I just wish to know if such action was deliberate, or just a result of too many "mirror neurons"? XD