domingo, 4 de outubro de 2009

Life & Death

Who better to teach about life and death, than life itself?

3 comentários:

  1. And as so, a boy can learn so much from his pet...

  2. Life existe, death does not. Because nothing exists in death. Death is not the opposite of life. Thats why we can only learn from life itself!

  3. I wouldn't say you are without reason, but such reason is based on ones interpretation. In my "view", death is something that only a few perceive as the end of their natural lives (not by this meaning or suggesting any kind of after-life), I merely point out the obvious: there is no "escaping" death. As such, the fear of death is irrational, oblivious.
    I for one do not fear death, although I surely do have preferences on the means in which it would eventually come to be...
    Nevertheless, my statement beforehand, was in approach to this very fear, or rather, the usefulness of in a way becoming more familiar with life, and hence death. My reference to a pet was no accident; I think all pets have usually shorter life expectancies than that of our kind, which will then enable or children, to view, and learn so much....
    Would you not agree? Only the present persons may grasp that which is not present... So death is ultimately real - it exists, but is indeed, through life, that we learn!