quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2009

Great findings... XD

"Dr. Calvert (...) discovered that when people viewed images associated with (...) strong brands their brains registered the exact same patterns of activity as they did when they viewed the religious images."*

"Ritual,superstition, religion - whether we're aware of it or not, all those factors contribute to what we think about when we buy. In fact, as the results of our brain-scan study would show, the most successful products are the ones that have the most in common with religion."*

"almost every leading religion has ten common pillars underlying its foundation: a sense of belonging, a clear vision, power over enemies, sensory appeal, storytelling, grandeur, evangelism, symbols, mystery, and rituals."*

All this gives psychology something new and vigorous... XD
So next time you go out to buy an apple... 
Could it be you feel tempted, defiant... desire... LOL
If only Freud was alive :D LOL

* LINDSTROM, Martin - buy.ology. Random House Business Books, 2008. ISBN: 9781847940124

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  1. Não, não tem nada disso escrito.. Mas há coisas que se lêem no olhar, e ela não é adepta de sadomasoquismo xD